‘Unplugfests’ Push New Advancements for Wireless Bluetooth Professionals

Bluetooth Wireless phones: they’re most often known as those little ear pieces that you see people sporting like a bad prop on some random Star Trek extra. Those Blue Tooth headpieces are a staple among the common telecom consumer. Whether you think them tacky or uber convenient, Bluetooth tools like these are quite varied and usefull. And wireless equipment manufacturers keep churning out new uses for the short-range transmitter every year.

What keeps new Bluetooth products being released to the market is a lot of standing on the back’s of other developers and working through the paperwork to having a final product made by the wireless equipment manufacturer. The trade organization that works to keep everyone in the industry on the same page and pushing forward is the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (more commonly known as Bluetooth SIG). And the meetings they hold to do this are, quite cleverly called, “unplugfests.”

For a little background, Bluetooth is a trade name that stands for a type of data transmission that is done through wireless wavelengths. It’s unique to most wireless signal because it specializes that data transmission in a short diameter. It gives people their little bubble of private network communications between computer peripherals or wireless capable devices. It’s different from the, ever so popular wi-fi, in that it requires much less power thereby requiring less expensive equipment for manufacturers.

Bluetooth SIG has a vested interest in making sure that all companies, manufacturer and developers can make Bluetooth products that work well between each other. Many times a user of new products will blame the brand, Bluetooth in this case, if one buggy wireless item does not communicate or communicate well with another. And of course, since the technology is open for anyone to use (under certain pretexts), there are vast amounts of businesses that are using Bluetooth wireless, which are often made to be working in symphony together . So Bluetooth SIG announces periodically, a gathering of minds in many disclosed international locations.

Developers, wireless equipment manufacturers and retailers come from around the globe to find the latest updates with these Unplugfests and, most often, test their applications there with other companies to see how it can be best implemented and released to the purchasing masses.

There are some concerns about sharing secrets with unreleased products. These worries are often justified simply by know that success by collaborating and testing together will show success in the market as well.

“If my worst rival performs good on the market, it will be good for me also,” said Victor Zhodzishky, a chief engineer at a renowned mobile wireless company. “If my phone doesn’t work with your headset we all lose,” he said during a taped interview at Unplugfest 28 in Brussels.

How clear is your wireless network? Renasis (http://www.renasis.com) is a wireless equipment manufacturer that specializes in tools to amplify wireless signal with little noise disturbance. The author, Art Gib, is a freelance writer.