7 Easy And Natural Tips To Prevent Hair Fall

There is a good reason why hair is called our crowning glory, and that is because it also has a role to play in creating one’s individuality. Unfortunately there are factors that can lead to hair to fall which can lead to baldness if not address properly. There are a number of products and chemical treatments available in the market today, but before banking on such measures it would be a great idea to choose first the natural methods of preventing hair fall.

Keep your scalp clean

This is something that is not new to you since this can simply be regarded as basic hygiene. However, there seems to be a lot of individuals who are not able to keep this up. Some end up leaving their scalps to become too oily thus attracting dirt and grime. Its effects can eventually lead to hair loss because this results to an unhealthy scalp.

In order to properly take care of your scalp, it is important to wash your hair regularly using a mild shampoo. Make sure to pay close attention to your scalp, especially when rinsing.


Massaging your head while shampooing or even for just a few minutes a day can already do wonders to aid the blood circulation in that area. With good circulation you keep the hair follicles healthy and strong. Remember to do it ever so gently to avoid traumatizing your hairs most especially when they are wet.

Natural juices

One way for you to protect your hair from excessive shedding is to use natural juices which you can find in your very own kitchen. Ginger, garlic and onion have excellent hair growth properties which also protects the scalp from inflammation. To apply it all you need to do is to slice these in half and rub it on your scalp. Leave it on for a few hours before washing and makes sure you rinse it thoroughly to avoid the distinct smell.

Natural oils

Hot oil treatments are one of the services that is most requested in salons. But you don’t have to pay an expensive treatment weekly or once a month at least when you can do it on your own at home. By taking natural oils such as olive, coconut and canola and heating them up until they are warm and tolerable for application. Massage this gently on the scalp and leave it on for an hour wrapped in a shower cap. Afterwards, wash it thoroughly with a mild shampoo. This keeps the hairs moisturized while nourishing the scalp at the same time.


Getting antioxidants into your system can help you get a healthier scalp and hair follicles. Before thinking of supplements, a more interesting and delicious way of getting it is to have more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Or you could also rinse your hairs and scalp with green tea (at least two bags in a cup of water), leave it on for an hour before finally washing it with water. The antioxidants in the tea boost hair growth and prevent excessive hair loss.

Reduce or eliminate vices

If you have been suffering with hair loss, you might want to look into your lifestyle and rid yourself of unhealthy habits. Excessively drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking can led to poor circulation which eventually takes a toll on your hairs. Aside from that, it also causes it to become dry, thin and stringy. So detoxify and live a healthier life if you want to keep your locks looking divine.


Sometimes stress is the number one factor that brings destruction to the hair. Stress alopecia affects a good number of people every year, but the good thing here is that it can be reversible. You can control your stress by knowing how to free your mind of all the clutter in your life.

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