Onlookers pull survivors from Dubai road pile-up//veany swarovski jewelry handbags

DUBAI // One woman was killed and several others injured in a pile-up on Al Sufouh Road this afternoon.
Onlookers helped pull survivors from the wreckage of the crash, which happened around 4pm at the junction near

Dubai College.
Witnesses said five vehicles caught fire quickly, sending a plume of acrid black smoke over the city.
The body of one person lay on the road and was placed under a blue blanket, with a large black-leather handbag

placed nearby.
Survivors could be seen walking around the scene of the crash, crying and screaming for help as traffic moved

slowly past.
Fire crews, who were on the scene within minutes of the accident happening, spent more than 30 minutes

extinguishing a four-wheel drive vehicle. The carriage-way was closed in the direction of Madinat Jumeirah.
The flames were so intense, the fronds of nearby palm trees had been scorched.
Paramedics at the scene were treating the walking wounded. At least one person was taken on a stretcher by

ambulance to hospital.
Owen Bennett, from Ireland, was caught up in the accident. He said the crash happened behind him as he waited

in his car for the traffic light to change.
“We were told it was a blow out and then all the cars started to crash into each other,” he said.
“My car was hit but I got it away and then ran back to see if we could help people out. The fires started instantly.
“There was one family who were very lucky. Their car caught fire as we were pulling them out and it just exploded

when we got the last one away,” he said. “It was touch and go. If the people were in the car any longer they would

have been dead.”
He said the family, including three children, were later seen by the side of the road, where they looked on at the

Civil Defence confirmed one woman died in the pile-up, which involved a number of vehicles. Police are

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