How To Tell When A Guy Doesn’t Care About You

With the holidays in full swing, I thought it a good time to cover communication do’s and dont’s for your best holiday ever.

First things first, don’t talk to someone when you have a Bluetooth Headset in your ear. I don’t care if it’s your idiot cousin Earl who wants you to invest in derivatives with him.

Case in point: a guy on his Bluetooth headset oblivious to the world around him. You know the type, the Star Trek looking dude with the ear piece? If he could, he’d swim with it on! Does this guy have to have two conversations at once? Is it physically possible?

For me, it’s got to be the most annoying conversation ever! You’ll be talking to the Borg and he’ll suddenly raise his finger and say “Can you hold on a second?” Sometimes he won’t even acknowledge that he has another conversation going which makes your blood boil and leaves you red faced and embarrassed!

Can you think of a better way to tell someone you don’t care about them?

The amazing thing is that the Bluetooth Fashionista thinks he’s God’s gift to coolness, connectivity and communication. Yes, Mr. Bluetooth feels that by talking to more people that in fact, he’s improved his life and the people in it. After all, more is better, right?

If Captain Bluetooth took the time to think about it, he’d realize that nobody wants to approach him! We all feel like he’s on the phone, so why try to start a conversation with him? We know unequivocally that Mr. Bluetooth has far more important people to talk to than us. If he’s communicated anything to those closest to him, it’s that they are not the most important people to him. This is the case unless they call him of course.

Secondly, don’t text while at a holiday function and definitely not while at the dinner table. This also applies to dinner out just in case you wondering.

Case in point: Holly of The Girls Next Door fame decides to text while being filmed for her show. Holly was in the middle of a gag that she and her girlfriends were pulling on their boss Mary when Holly starts texting someone else. Now, God knows nobody puts Criss Angel on hold but does she have to act so board with her life? It’s an absolute slap in the face of those in the room with her and those watching. Should we be watching her when even she can’t even bare to watch?

My advice is to put the cell phone down or leave it somewhere where you can’t answer it. This will eliminate the urge to answer it and keep you in the party that you’re at.

Last but not least limit your social networking to the early AM or late evening when it won’t affect your real life. Real life isn’t always pretty but nevertheless it’s your life so why not participate?

Alan Bentley, God’s gift to female/male communication, helps single women across the country unravel mysteries of the male mind helping improve their relationships with men they love. To discover how you can crack the guy code, go to http://www.cracktheguycode.com or email alan@cracktheguycode.com

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