Lets Talk About Dead Space

Let’s accept it. Electronic Arts isn’t actually recognized for putting out genre-significant games. In reality, EA is recognized for precisely the contrary: enept games which were one time considered as certain market leaders.

For Holiday, 2008, however, EA might very well have the premium release of a new-found and novel title in its recent record since becoming an almost-monopoly.

I’m talking about Dead Space, an endurance horror game like no other.

Honestly, there have been survival horror games before. Alone in the Dark, surely, invented the genre. Resident Evil and its many episodes advanced and perfected this forte. The Silent Hill series took it for a spin and pioneered the idea of mental horror, which was brought to the next height by games like Fatal Frame.

So what maked Dead Space any different?

Firstly, Dead Space doesn’t happen in an old abandoned mansion or a city raided by newly-made zombies.

Dead Space materializes in, where else, space.

Think of Alien. Think of Sigourney Weaver being pursued by the brood in a rocketship that has been sucked of living. Think of this mechanic completed to a tee.

Imagine possessed,mutated, and downright wicked crew associates substituting aliens. Imagine authentic, untouched vileness coming from the bowels of hell. Imagine a sole navy having to fend of these repulsive entities. Imagine grotesque entities and even more grotesque situations.

It’s the menacing hostility and the rroubling dread that makes Dead Space the new revolutionary march in the survival horror variety.

Surely, we shouldn’t failt to remember the big, commanding firearms, the abundant serving of cruelty, and the variety of mutilated body parts.

Dead Space is believed to be so brutal that it had to go undergo a few mendings only to get an allowable M ranking from the ESRB. Its designed box art, an image of a mutilated body part hanging in space and a tribute to the mutilated finger that was utilized in the billboards for the flick Saw, has been met with so much disapproval that an alternate box art is being prepared.

Upon the issuance of Dead Space, the survival horror genre will never be the same again. As the opening statement in Star Trek goes, “to go where no man has gone before.”

Well, Dead Space will be where no survival horror game has tried undertake before.

And we’ll be present for one hell of a ride, literally speaking that is.

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