Multi-tasking Your Way to Nowhere

We all want to get more done with less time don’t we? It’s the American way I think. This couldn’t have been made clearer to me than seeing Brittany Spears some time with a Big Gulp, cell phone in ear, baby in lap all while driving and avoiding the paparazzi.

While this was feat of driving may have been akin to Danica Patrick wining her first race, I do have one way for Brittany to cut back on the multi part of her tasking: Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth wireless headphone is a great way to keep your hands right where they should be while driving: on the steering wheel!

Then again, have you ever talked to someone on a Bluetooth headset? You know the type, the Star Trek looking dude with the ear piece? And I’m not talking about speaking to them while their in one place and you’re in another. I’m talking about having a conversation while the person with the Bluetooth is right in front of you!

For me, it’s got to be the most annoying conversation ever. You’ll be talking to the idiot and he’ll suddenly raise his finger and say “Can you hold on a second?” Sometimes he won’t even acknowledge that he has another conversation going! Can you think of a better way to tell someone you don’t care about them?

The amazing thing is that the Bluetooth Fashionista thinks he’s so cool. He’s the man, a legend in his own mind, a man for our times. What times are those you ask? Some would say that these are times of disconnection, of men and women running from task to task without purpose or passion. While their texting thumbs are in great shape their relationships are put on autopilot.

The sad thing is that he and his ilk have no idea how unconnected he really is! If the Bluetoother took the time to think about it, he’d realize that nobody wants to approach him or even be around him. I challenge you to observe someone as their talking on their Bluetooth and watch as people steer clear. It’s like the Blutoother has the plague!

We all feel like he’s on the phone, so why try to start a conversation with him? We know unequivocally that Mr. Bluetooth has far more important people to talk to than us. If he’s communicated anything to those close to him, it’s that they are not the most important people to him (unless they call him).

Listen, I’m not saying that Bluetooth isn’t great and it isn’t a better way to take or make a call while driving. In Chicago where I live you can’t be on your handset while driving. If you want to take a call, you have to either wait (God forbid) or have a headset. Who knows? Maybe Brittany Spears could have used it while trying to drive with the baby, the Big Gulp, the cigarette and the cell phone.

Alan Bentley, God’s gift to female/male communication, helps single women across the country unravel mysteries of the male mind helping improve their relationships with men they love. To discover how you can crack the guy code, go to http://www.cracktheguycode.com or email alan@cracktheguycode.com

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