Easy Blushing Cures

Blushing. It always seems to happen at precisely the wrong time. But is there a blushing cure that you can use to stop yourself from blushing and getting even more embarrassed?

Try out these simple tips and tricks to help cure your blushing problem.

1. Find out when you blush

This may sound a bit glib, but if there are certain situations that trigger your reaction and turn your face red, home in on these. There’s a chance that you can avoid these situations but, even if that’s not possible, then how about working on your reaction to the situation instead? Blushing is only the outward sign – drill down to find out what is causing you to blush, work on that instead of the blushing and there’s a good chance that you will reduce the number of times your face warms up and gives away your feelings.

2. Relax more

Often you blush because you are tense, nervous and generally worried. Take up a relaxation technique and start to learn how you can relax more often. This could be as simple as practicing your breathing – taking a few deep breaths is often a good solution – or it may involve taking up a regular activity such as yoga or meditation or even just taking some quality time for yourself.

3. Go with the flow and ignore it

When you blush, just go with it. It’s happened. Be cool with that (no pun intended) and just carry on. You may well find that the more often you ignore your blushes, the less often they will happen.

4. Try camouflage

If you really blush so often that you’re almost permanently blushing, use make up to camouflage it. You’ll know inside when you blush but it won’t show through to other people.

5. Get professional help

There are lots of different treatments for blushing. One of the best is hypnosis. You can contact a local hypnotist or you can get hold of one of the many excellent custom made hypnosis tracks available on line. These are inexpensive and when you listen to them regularly they will work with your subconscious mind (the part that’s triggering your blush response anyway) to reduce or even eliminate your blushing altogether.

6. Don’t hide your emotions

Blushing is often the way that we show our emotions visually. That’s fine. Unless you’re Dr Spock on Star Trek, you’re supposed to have emotions – it’s a perfectly normal part of being a human being. OK, so your body has chosen to show your emotions more visually than you’d like. But we’re all different. Blushing when your angry can even help you as your red face will give off a warning sign to the other person that your anger really is serious and isn’t just “for effect”.

7. Use reverse psychology

Try blushing now. On command. Is it easy? Probably not. So when you find yourself starting to blush, tell yourself to blush even harder. Chances are you’ll just laugh about it and your blushes will dissolve away. It’s certainly worth trying!

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