How To Pick Your Wedding Planner

Congratulations, you’ve made the most important decision of your wedding. You’ve realised how stressful and pressured planning a wedding is and have decided on professional help…. now it’s time to choose which profession, psychiatrist or wedding planner?

Should you choose the later, here are a few tips to help you pick someone who can really help you to have the amazing day you want:

1. The most important thing to ensure is that you can get on with your wedding planner: an ideal first meeting should leave you with a great impression of someone you like but are not afraid to disagree with. If you feel you cannot disagree with a wedding planner then it is probably best not to hire them, that’s why using a friend isn’t always such a good idea.

2. Ask to see some examples of weddings they have done and weddings they like, which are not always the same thing. Don’t necessarily dismiss a wedding planner whose previous work doesn’t correlate with your own ideas.

Wedding planners adapt to what is wanted so just because they have done a Star Trek themed wedding it doesn’t mean it’s to their taste. All it means is that they can be flexible. However do ask to see weddings they do like (ones done by themselves or others) to see if your tastes are compatible.

3. Ask for references from previous clients. Those that say no may just be new to the business and not have too much experience, not necessarily a bad thing. However, if they have been in business 3 years or more and still have no references to offer you, take it as an ominous sign.

4. Make it very clear from the outset that you have a budget. A good wedding planner should be sensitive to that and able to help you to prioritise and bring your wedding in on budget. Good ideas from a professional can often help turn dreams into an affordable reality.

5. Ideally your wedding planner should have cultivated contacts with suppliers, thereby helping you to get the best discounts and deals so you can stretch your money as far as it will go. Also, a general knowledge of the area can help them to suggest things that you may not have thought of.

6. Honesty is the best policy, and it’s no different with wedding planning. Sometimes ideas that seem great and original at the time aren’t nearly as impressive as you think they will be.

A good wedding planner will be able to tell you this without making you feel as if they are taking over your wedding. Maybe combining a few of your more out there ideas with a fresh outlook could provide something unique and amazing.

7. Make sure it is very clear what responsibilities you do and do not want the wedding planner to take on. This makes sure that they take on the jobs that you don’t want to do without taking away your input.

It’s a very good idea to make most of the decisions in conjunction with the wedding planner but also to take on a few jobs yourself to ensure you still feel part of the planning process. Remember the idea is to outsource the stress, not take away the fun of planning the big day!

Should you pick the psychiatrist option, good luck and enjoy the valium!

Sarah McCormack works for Simply Wedding Planners. This UK website helps couples to source reputable, professional wedding planning services. Visit http://www.simplyweddingplanners.co.uk for more information.