Five Ways to Slow Down the Aging Process

When I was in my 20’s I never gave far too much importance to my skin care. I merely woke up being confident and didn’t worry. As i was approaching 30 I already had a basic routine nailed down, having said that i started noticing i needed more, I wasn’t getting out of bed looking that fresh. And that’s when I discovered that with age, my skin’s moisture levels weren’t exactly the same and that my skin has become more sensitive and all sorts of those regular items that I used before, somewhere along the way, stopped working for me. This actually happens to all women over 30, so if you are just like me, a thriving aging woman, I know that you’d like to preserve your skin’s youthful appearance and slow up the aging process. For this reason I decided to share with you my experience and routine, regarding how to get that healthy glow.

Aging is natural and can’t be stopped. However, there are many ways to slow it down and obtain a far more youthful look.
The biggest thing is always to drink lots of water. We all know the basics: the human body is made of 60% water and all our everyday living consume this reserve, and we must rebuild it. I try to drink at least eight glasses of water daily; I’ve noticed that if I keep myself hydrated, my skin looks fresh and smooth, and in addition it eliminates toxins.

Recently, I found some study that indicated that mental stress accelerates the process of aging. It said that in stressful situations, people lose the natural balance of their bodies, which controls hormone secretion, cell recovery and collagen production. When I feel overwhelmed I look saggy, tired, I have dark circles under my eyes and i also look at least 5 years older, sometimes it seems like 10. For me, yoga, deep breathing and meditation reduces stress. It also oxygenates my brain, stimulates circulation and increases my energy level. Regular exercises maintain muscle mass, reduce cardiovascular problems which help me stay fit and feel younger. Sport stimulates my circulation and improves my intellectual activity. When I cannot get to the gym, I try walking wherever possible and I always use the stairs.
An alternate way to slow up the aging process or at least an approach that really works for me is by using a facial mask. I discovered that the powers of tara and chicory root from Luminesce Australia ultimate lifting masque are perfect for me, gently exfoliating dead cells and reducing melanin deposits. I apply this masque evenly but rather thick with a spatula or two fingers around the hairline, my neck and face, then I allow it to dry for about 20 minutes, as i peel if off I notice each of the dead cells comes off easily, I wash my face with warm water to eliminate any remaining masque. My skin looks like it has had a face life without the knife. This process quickly decreases the aging process, moisturizes and adds a glowing radiance. I personally use it twice a week.
A nutritious and balanced diet helps preserve the skin’s youthful appearance. My diet includes a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables loaded with antioxidants, which protect my body from diseases related to aging. Also, I try to each less red meat, and add more fish and sea food. Of course, if you’re by any means like me, maybe you don’t have time to deal with your diet plan properly. I should actually claim that I’m trying to incorporate all of these elements in my diet and daily routine. For this reason I use supplements.

The AM & PM Essentials from Luminesce Australia have turned out to be the ideal thing to me. They’re rich in vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants that protect my cells and from what I can easily see, they really slow down the indications of aging as they are actually not just an ordinary vitamins supplement. AM&PM nutrigens are a gene food. DNA repair, stem cell maintenance complex, telomere maintenance complex, free radical scavenger complex, calorie restriction mimetic and gene expressions, cell regulator complex, and free radical scavenger, with probiotics blend and digestive enzymes. It also contains important extracts from seaweed and green barley.
Not surprising why I have so much energy to help keep me going the entire day! As the Jeunesse AM Essentials are good fuels of energy helping me make it through my morning workout, the Jeunesse PM Essentials provide much needed restful sleep and I believe, restore my vital organs. Also, my nails and hair started looking better.

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