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It would seem that nothing can get done these days without computers, there all over the place, in planes, cars and now even children toys its all around us yet some of us seem to have been left behind. Weather we admit it or not computers is the way of the future and we need to get cracking. Although we may never be able to understand how computers work in all these gadgets we need to at least know how it works with the Internet.

I realize that a lot of people don’t know the first thing about computers far more the internet, and every time they learn something today, there are ten new things to learn tomorrow. It is very difficult to keep up with the constant daily changes in technology around us.

The Internet is simply a big online library where you can find nearly any kind of information you want. The greatest strength of the Internet is also its greatest weakness. INFORMATION and plenty of it. There is so much information available that it is hard to distinguish what is accurate and what is some fool just putting down his opinions on paper. It can take a very long time to find what you are looking for. Something to consider when looking for information of real importance is looking in on Blogs, Forums and Chat rooms.

When we do a search for any thing there seems to be millions of options available sometimes billions, this can be very overwhelming and confusing when deciding which is the correct answer to a particular questions that you might be looking for.

This is why blogs chat rooms and forums are very important for any body looking for reliable information on any particular topic, Blogs and Chat rooms are sites where people can give there opinions and swap knowledge on topics of interest to them. Forums are the same just it’s a bit more formal in the topics they talk about, more along business, Politics, Current affairs and stuff like that. So if for example you need to know anything about Star trek go to a related chat room or Blog and read what is already there and if there is no information on what you looking for, just ask a question and 99% of the time you would get tons of information on the subject. You will meet persons who are very knowledgeable about the topic and persons who are not, but the important thing to pay attention to is that you will not just be getting any one persons opinion.

There are Blogs, Chat Rooms and Forums on nearly any topic you might be interested in and the beauty part of this is most of them are free you just find one that you like sign up and you are ready.

A great bonus to this is that you can make friends online who would have some of the same interest that you do so for those of you who thought that using the internet would be tedious and boring THINK AGAIN.

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