I Now Pronounce You…Awesome!: 5 Epic Wedding Themes

The classic white dress, black tuxedos, painstakingly match-y bridesmaids all in a row in the tastefully decorated chapel; these are all the makings of a dream wedding. For some, though, the idea of a traditional wedding is just too tame. From the dress to the location, these wedding ideas turn the old standards of taste and decorum on their perfectly coifed heads:

1) The “Adventure” Wedding

When walking down the aisle seems too safe, how about an adventure wedding? How about strapping on a parachute and sky diving your way to matrimony, or perhaps shouting your vows whilst strapped to the wings of a biplane in flight is more your style? More of an underwater adventurist, are you? Slap on a scuba tank and dive in. I hear sharks make excellent groomsmen.

2) The “Creepy” Wedding

For those who crave a more spine-tingling way to make it official, try the creepy wedding. Throw on your best black dress, grab a bouquet of dead roses, and meet your groom at the cemetery for an uplifting Goth ceremony. Still seem a bit too average for you? How about celebrating living-dead style with a gore-filled, Zombie-themed wedding? Charm your guests with fake blood and a faux-eviscerated bridal party, followed up by a reception featuring, you guessed it: brains! (Fake, preferably.) Got a thing for a certain sparkly vampire set? Slap on some Halloween party fangs, bring on the bats, and throw a wedding of undead proportions. Sure, grandma might get freaked out, but it is your special day.

3) The “Geek-chic” Wedding

Don’t worry comic book and Sci-fi fans. You haven’t been left behind. After finally finding the Lois to your Clark, what better way to spread the love then with a Superhero-themed wedding; nothing like capes and tights to evoke the magic of the special day. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of the day you could sweep a certain bun-wearing princess off her feet? Dust off those replica light-sabers and robes and make it official(ly awesome!). Just try your best not to refer to your mother-in-law as everyone’s favorite Hutt crime boss.

4) The “FANatic” Wedding

Just because you are getting married doesn’t mean you should neglect to represent your favorite sports team. In fact, a wedding is the perfect place to showcase exactly how special a place your team holds in your heart. Think outside the box and take a step further than just coordinating the flowers to the team colors. Endless possibilities await the true sports fanatic. Ring bearer carrying a football instead of a dainty satin pillow? Check. Are the groomsmen painted up like an NFL version of Braveheart? Done. Wedding scheduled to be finished just in time for kickoff? Perfect.

5) The “Redneck” Wedding

No talk of unconventional weddings would be complete without mentioning the sacred Redneck ceremony. Camouflage and cut-off denim, shirtless men and barefoot women, these are the things that make a true Redneck wedding special. Forget the limousine. This couple is leaving on the back of an ATV headed straight for the mud bog. Enjoy a hefty helping of deer steak or pig roast and wash it all down with a lukewarm swig of moonshine right from the Mason jar. All jokes aside, Redneck weddings are probably the most fun, at least until the fights break out.

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