Devices Used To Deliver Insulin

Those who suffer with diabetes have to take the hormone insulin in order to control blood glucose or sugar. You cannot take insulin by way of mouth because it is destroyed by the digestive system before it is able to reach its mark. There are a few devices that deliver insulin to diabetics and it is usually up to the individual the type of delivery system they prefer.

Researchers are working hard every day so that those who suffer with diabetes in the future don’t have to use a needle to get the insulin they need. They are constantly testing new ways to introduce insulin into the blood stream of patients who require it.

Different Types of Delivery Devices

At present, the only way to effectively take insulin into the body is through the fatty tissue of the skin. It is not particularly painful, but for those who are queasy around needles, taking their daily dose of insulin can be something that is looked upon with much trepidation.

Using a Syringe

The most common device used to deliver a patient their insulin is with a syringe. Syringes used for insulin injection are small and sharp hypodermic needles. Most of the syringes come coated with a special substance to make injecting the needle into the skin less painful. Insulin syringes com in a variety of sizes and dosages.

The Insulin Pen

At first glance, you might mistake the insulin pen for a conventional cartridge ink pen. Instead of ink, these cartridges are filled with insulin. Many diabetics prefer this delivery method. The ease and convenience of an insulin pen is the attraction for most users. You can purchase an insulin pen that can be refilled, or you can choose a model that can be discarded after the cartridge is finished.

Dosing is easy as well. The tip of the pen resembles that of an insulin syringe. You simply turn the dial and select the proper dosage prescribed for you. You then press the plunger to deliver the dose of insulin under your skin.

Using the Jet Injector Method

As we mentioned, there are many people that are uncomfortable using needles. Those people have the option to use the jet injector to deliver their insulin. The device is quite futuristic, bringing to mind the injections the crew received on the television show, Star Trek, in that they deliver the insulin by way of high pressure air. It sends the insulin using a fine spray that is delivered through the skin.

The Use of Insulin Pumps

This is a small device that is worn outside of the body. It is connected by tubing that is flexible and is inserted in the abdomen. It is easily programmed to dispense the proper amount of insulin. Typically, the patient will program the pump to deliver a steady dose of insulin. You can adjust it if more insulin is needed at a particular time. Those using an insulin pump as a delivery device should keep in mind that you can injure yourself or the insulin pump if it is worn when you are engaged in physical activity.

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