India’s five Most Haunted Places

This article provides a list of five most haunted destinations. These places are quite scary to wander around, though they attract many people with strong heart and passion to discover something unusual.

They are scary, even in daylight, but attract a number of souls who dare to experience unique and unbelievable. India, a land of myths and interesting history, has many haunted places which frequently remain in limelight due to the ghost stories associated with them. Here’re 5 most haunted Indian places that people find quite unusual.

The Ruins of Bhangarh: Unarguably the scariest place in India, Bhangarh has a curse attached it. And due to this, ancient ruins here are home to souls and witches, who often cause a great sense of unease in the region. People who visit this town face inexplicable things, which have no answer in science dictionary. They often hear sounds of footsteps following them; find eerie sounds like screams coming from the hills and even stones thrown on them. There are several legends attached to Bangharh, but the most popular one is that of a tantric and the Queen Ranavati.

The Lambhi Dehar Mines, Mussoorie: Situated on the outskirts of Mussoorie, these mines have been shut due to continuous accidents and perception of unknown’s presence in the region. In Early 1990s, a large number of workers of these mines died a very painful death. And it’s believed that unsatisfied souls of those workers cause miss-happening in this area. In last couple of decades, hundreds of road accidents like trucks falling off the road have occurred here.

The Brijraj Bhawan, Kota: This nearly two centuries old palace of Kota is believed to be home of a ghost of a major named Burton, who along with son was killed in the central hall of the building. Although this place is haunted and countless of accidents have happened with people passing through and staying in the palace, this place is still not so much scary. The reason is that the Ghost of Major Burton doesn’t harm anyone. He is believed to juts take care of the building and slaps or dozes (sometimes) when they sleep on duty.

Shimla-Kalka Railway Line: this ancient railway line has several ghost stories associated with it. There is a tunnel number 103, which is considered the scariest on this route. People have witnessed a lot of unreliable happenings on/around this tunnel. It is said that the spirit of an Englishman responds to humans here. Along with that, some people have also witnessed a soul of a lady walking around the tunnel. The walkways to the nearby towns are also very scary.

Dumah beach, Gujarat: One of the scenic beaches of Gujarat, Dumba beach is quite scary too. People have seen a number of paranormal activities around it like hearing strange whispers, a woman in white sari disappearing in water and going away of some tourists while talking walks on the beach at night. Hindus burn their dead bodies on the beach, and that’ why the area is full of spirits of dead people.

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