Understanding the First Line Of Defense – Skin Care

When you are walking on the streets and you meet people, the primary thing that they notice from you is your face. Your face is your first line of defense. Thus, taking care of your skin is very important. Here are some tips on having a healthy skin. Male skin is more or less 15 percent more oily and has much more bigger pores than female skin. This means that mens skin is more prone to dirt. Thus, regardless of skin type, men should clean their face daily.

A facial cleanser should be free of chemicals as much as possible. Never use bath soap on your skin. That is because they use strong detergents that result in a film that could irritate the skin and block the pores. Facial scrub is also a needed because it takes away dead skin cells and smoothens your epidermis. Select a scrub that is tough yet will not harm your skin. See to it that the scrub you pick has no rough additives such as bits of nut that have been ground or something like that. These can shred and destroy the skin. Its action should revitalize and not damage.

It is a must to use a moisturizer. Choose one that has no chemicals added. To generate an intense treatment, utilize unadulterated vitamin E. There is a liquid type available in the market. Or else, just split a pill open and rub on the oil straight on the skin. Focus on the skin below the eye because this part is vulnerable to wrinkles because it doesnt produce its own oils.

Men are exposed to the sun more than women. Thus, astringents are needed for keeping the face toned. Select one that has aggressive alpha hydroxyl acids which decrease the size of the pores quickly.

Have a facial treatment at least twice a year but you can have more times if you want. Have the skin experts decide what facial treatment is suitable for your skin type. Find out from these experts what needs your skin has. One treatment is enough, regardless of skin type and that is exfoliation. This can take out dead skin cells.

Lastly, here are some things to remember to keep a healthy skin. Avoid over-exposure to the sun so that you wont have hyper pigmentation which may develop into skin cancer. Use an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen if you have to stay under the sun. Exercise regularly to promote functioning of the capillaries, which prevents aging prematurely. See to it that you have a steady supply of vitamins C and E daily. Avoid stress, smoking, and alcohol.

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