Three Ways Modern Tech is Better than the Tech We Watched in Sci-Fi Flicks

Many of us grew up on Star Wars, Star Trek, James Bond, and any number of other movies and TV series which featured highly futuristic technology such as wristwatch video cameras, holograms, and transporter beams. Some of those things are still just the stuff of imagination (no one can “beam us up” just yet). Others have become reality. In some cases, the technology we’ve developed is actually superior to the fantastic tech that used to hold us glued to the movie screen in awe.

From motorized wall systems to cell phones to an ultra-silent TV lift, here are the top three ways in which our actual technology of today is better than the science fiction writers and movie producers envisioned the technology of the distant future to be:

Our technology is quieter. Have you seen one of today’s ultra-silent TV lifts? While they’re not in everyone’s home yet, they are quickly becoming a popular luxury item. With the push of a button, you can lower your television from the ceiling or raise it from the floor or a cabinet. Nothing like the whirring, whizzing and buzzing similar technology makes in old sci-fi movies, an ultra-silent TV lift is just that: very quiet.

Our tech devices are smaller. Sure, your favorite space opera featured com-links that allowed you to speak to people across the galaxy, but they were huge. Today’s cell phones fit into the palm of your hand nicely. The same goes for computers. The laptop or PC you’re reading this on has more capacity than the computers used to calculate the particulars of our first trip to the moon.

Our tech devices are readily available. The modern home is becoming more and more high tech every day. These days, it’s easy to buy motorized wall systems which allow you to raise or lower a TV, projector or other electronic equipment. Everyone has a computer. Even the poorest among us has gadgets and gizmos which were the stuff of science fiction two generations ago.

Chances are, you already have a laptop computer and many other high tech amenities. If you don’t have an ultra-silent TV lift yet, chances are you’ll be adding one soon enough (they’re more affordable than you may think). While it’s unlikely that you’ll be buying a laser gun any time soon, the days of small computers, digital cameras, ultra silent TV lifts, and motorized wall systems is upon us

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