Dr. Aaron Flickstein, Emeritus, Helps Residents Find Allergy Relief Safely With Laser Treatments

Although biofeedback and laser therapy have been present within the chiropractic community for years, only recently has laser testing and therapy been accepted as a viable alternative for allergy sufferers. One doctor in the forefront of such laser treatment is Dr. Aaron Flickstein, Emeritus, who helps his local residents find allergy relief safely. This is because while such testing and treatment has been approved in other areas, only recently has it been identified as a viable alternative for other allergy medications and shot therapy. However, laser therapy, while being a wonderful tool for alleviating allergy symptoms, can also be used to calm several other conditions, including migraine pain and emotional distress, just to name a few.

Still, although testing of bio-energetics, such as biofeedback and other related treatments, have been widely accepted in a number of other countries, when it comes to the United States, such testing and treatment have been close to non-existent. One reason for this is that while laser testing for allergies and other conditions may be well accepted in foreign countries, here in the United States it is classified as biofeedback. Which, many in the medical field claim that there is no medical basis for providing such a medical diagnosis. Unlike in other countries, where individuals can be diagnosed quickly to find which treatment works best for a variety of conditions in order to begin treatment immediately.

Modern research along with bioenergetics and science, have already confirmed that the body has receptors that can be communicated with through similar processes. In addition, modern science and technology have also proven that such laser treatments can run through a second layer of tissue within the body, similar to the nervous system. So, as it appears many different layers of fluids and tissues communicate with other parts of the body, it is therefore both possible and probable that a number of allergy and other systems can be calmed through laser treatment.

Also, as laser testing and therapy both use “trigger points, ” within the body also often referred to as “acupoints, ” one can receive this type therapy without a great deal of pain. In addition, as the effects of laser treatments often lasts longer than other methods, the cost for such testing and treatment is actually less than having to pay a monthly premium, or over the counter expenses for allergy medication or shot therapy, both of which can be quite costly.

Accepted in foreign countries for some time as a breakthrough in medical treatment, laser testing and treatment in the United States is still considered an element of biofeedback therapy and not as a valid medical treatment. However, with new studies and findings, there is hope that this may change in the near future. Regardless, whether or not it is identified as a valid form of healing, one only has to ask the many satisfied patients of such therapies to determine that there is definitely a healing aspect to the process.

For, although biofeedback involves attaching one to a machine so that both the individual and machine can communicate with one another, this treatment is still far less invasive than allergy pills or shots, with results from laser treatments lasting for some amount of time, which can be weeks to months or, as in some instances, a lifetime. Therefore, while one may be surprised by the cost of such treatments, generally the treatments only need to be repeated when necessary, whereas someone on prescription medication for allergies, must take pills every day and generally pay for such medication on a monthly basis. Also, while allergy shots can calm allergy attacks in the most severe cases today, laser treatment uses only the body’s natural “trigger points” or “acupoints, ” both in testing and treatment. Therefore, although one might feel a slight bit uncomfortable from time to time during the treatment, there are no pills to swallow and no shots that penetrate the skin beyond the top three dermal layers during the process.

In addition, treatment for allergies through this or other laser treatment providers can then be provided by changing bioenergetic signals within the body. This is created when the machine interacts with the three top dermal layers of skin to monitor the balance in the body. After which, a provider can change the input signal to the body in order to listen and decide which treatment is best for the individual. Regardless, all laser treatments work to restore balance and allow one freedom from suffering, not only from allergies, but from many other conditions as well.

Last but not least, theories have shown to date that bodies which remain balanced, are the healthiest bodies in the world. This is based on energy flowing freely throughout the body without blocks created by allergies, chronic pain, emotional trauma or other related issues. So, whether suffering from allergies, chronic pain or emotional distress, one of these laser treatments may just be what the doctor ordered.

So, if one is interested in this work of Dr. Aaron Flickstein, Emeritus, who helps residents find allergy relief safely in his area, one can often find a great deal of information through a local phone book or online. However, if one does not have access to the internet or can not find a provider in the area, one might also check with local chiropractic offices, as some generally offer this and other similar treatments. Therefore, regardless as to whether their office offers such a treatment, they can often refer one to a place where more information is available on local laser treatment centers and which services may be offered at each one.

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