Few Dentists Grab the Laser Technology Experience

This lady dentist is slowly and gradually inching closer toward the final frontier of dentistry. This Star Trek absorbed lady who runs dental offices both in Alton and Glen Carbon has finally bought an erbium laser with hopes to devoid herself of the need to use hand held drills and anesthesia in most cavity preparations and a lot of dental procedures. She has placed this $ 47,000 big tool in her Alton clinic. Counting just from the day it has been delivered, the laser has been used on more than 20 of her patients. The patients are giving positive feedbacks about not going through a numb period. Even so, they reported that there is a little discomfort that was felt during the procedure. They plotted it as 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. The little twinge still appears even with the anesthesia.

Almost 90 percent of the country’s dentists still have not availed of the erbium laser system in their offices. It makes treatment for ulcer or canker sores, bone recontouring and exposure of impacted tooth easier and more effective. They also have a diode laser, she said, but that can only be used for soft tissues. No bone procedure could be done with that.

Tooth, gum and bone tissue procedures can be dealt with diode laser. The hand tools generate heat and vibration and this gadget does not. People mostly do not like the sound of the drill. A popping popcorn is where you could closely compare this. As it seeks out water molecules and bursts them, the erbium laser brings the decay out with it.

The laser emits a pulsed laser beam with a wavelength of 2.94 microns and it requires everyone involved to wear goggles. Cosmetic dentistry benefits a lot from it, like in evening up the gum line. This particular laser can be so well defined that it you may work on a specific area without inflicting damage on the surrounding areas. Her diode laser is placed in her Glen Carbon office. She did not delay going to a Saint Louis seminar when she found out that the erbium laser was available there. It took her a while to finally get one of these lasers, she said. This technology impressed her big time because she has always been a fanatic of future technology like the ones in Star Trek. The pediatric dentistry has a tremendous benefit from this as well because anesthesia for kids is now optional.

And besides, we can still do things the old way. Old silver fillings dentists used on their patients can really destroy the new laser technology. This is actually an extremely useful dental tool aid. Lately, enjoying the benefits of laser technology is a lot more affordable and there is not much bleeding now or stitches.

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